How to Join

High School Students

Join our Assisteensregtm-14_black.jpg auxiliary.  We accept boys and girls, from 9th through 12th grades, as members.  Check the Assisteens page for membership information.

If you would like to join our enthusiastic Assisteens group, or know someone who would like to join, download the Assisteens membership form and turn it in. 

If you have questions about Assisteens, please leave a message for Ms. Shelly Barbre, Assisteens Coordinator, at (562) 627-5650 or

New Adult Members

We have 4 membership groups for you.  Consider becoming a member of Chapter or a member of one of our auxiliaries: Rick Rackers, CAMEO, or Las Hermanas.  Though these various groups collaborate on some activities, each of them primarily focus on specific philanthropic programs. 

To identify which group would be the best fit for you, read about our member organizations (Chapter, Rick Rackers, CAMEO, Las Hermanas) and our Philanthropic Programs to help determine which one would be a good fit for you.  If you would like to talk with someone who can help you pick the group that is best for you, please leave a message for Kerri Birnie, Vice President of Membership, at (562) 627-5650 or

If you would like to join Assistance League of Long Beach Chapter, please complete and mail in the attached membership form (Word, PDF) before 2/1/2018.

Longtime Chapter Members

After 10 years of membership, you may apply to become a Life Member. For more information, see the Life Members page, then leave a message for Kerri Birnie, Vice President of Membership, at (562) 627-5650 or if you have any questions or would like to become a Life Member.

If you are unable to reach the above contact person, please contact our Assistance League of Long Beach chapter office.

Corporate Partners

Find out more about our Corporate Partners. If you have additional questions and are interested in becoming a Corporate Partner, please contact Annette Kashiwabara, Executive Director, at (562) 627-5650, or download a Corporate Partner sponsorship form.