Pam Lydon on when all hearts work together

Jul 18, 2016

Joining Assistance League of Long Beach as a member of Las Hermanas seemed like a perfect fit for Pam Lydon. She had lost her husband, and the support of a caring group like Las Hermanas and the philanthropic activities in which she could participate would help to fill a void and give her purpose. Pam likes being a member of Assistance League, because it is so well run, it has amazing members, and it gives her a chance to give back to the community. “Assistance League of Long Beach is a comforting organization to belong to,“ she said, “and we are all of one heart.”  It’s amazing what power there is when all those hearts work together. 

For Pam's story on how she became involved with Assistance League of Long Beach and Las Hermanas and their Assault Survivor Kits® program, Boutique, Golf, and this year, Endowment, New Member Tea, and Finance, click here.