Sandie and Terry McCarthy on what matters

Oct 12, 2016

Call it weirdness or whatever you want, Sandie and Terry McCarthy found it many years ago. They fell in love. Sandie joined Assistance League in 1984, culminating with her presidency, and Terry has contributed his expertise to the Orthodontic Center. Seeing the quality of the leadership and membership as well as all that Assistance League of Long Beach does for the community, Terry concludes that there is no better organization. It is the model for how to run a nonprofit. “We know,” they say, “that a gift today will ensure positive change in the lives of others.”

"It doesn’t matter what it is. What matters is what it will become.” - Dr. Seuss

For Sandie and Terry's story on how Sandie became involved with Assistance League of Long Beach and Terry became involved with the Orthodontic Program, click here.