Welcome to our new website

Nov 29, 2013

Our new website has been redesigned to provide a more streamlined and visual website, with a new look and up-to-date infrastructure that will make it possible for new capabilities to be added more easily.  You can now access our website using computers, tablets (iPads, Android, Windows), and smartphones (Android, iPhones, Windows).  

One of the big changes was to make all sections of our website accessible to people using Apple mobile devices (iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches).  Before, Apple mobile device users could not access certain sections, because Apple mobile devices do not support Adobe Flash.  Members can now log into all sections of the website. 

Be sure to check out our home page, blog, and news section for the latest news and tips on this website.  Have fun, explore, and find the new things that have been added.  If there are things that you especially like or have any problems with the website, click on our Contact link.