Assisteens® Program

Assisteensregtm-14_green.jpg Program includes projects beyond our core programs. The Assisteens projects that are currently being supported by our organization include:

  • Adopt a Family
  • Operation Shoe Box
  • Operation Cuddles
  • Adopt a Pet
  • Ronald McDonald Feasts from the Heart
  • Senior Prom. 


  • the excitement of children who expected nothing during the holidays when they receive boxes of presents and food
    (Adopt a Family)

  • the happy memories revived when a group of teenagers holds a Senior Prom for patients in an assisted living facility
    (Senior Prom)

  • the gratitude of a serviceman or woman in the Middle East when they open a package filled with treats and hygiene items from home
    (Operation Shoebox)

  • the enjoyment of a home-cooked meal when you have spent hours at your sick child’s bedside
    (Feasts from the Heart)

  • the comfort of a hand-made blanket and a soft plush toy if you are a child in a shelter
    (Operation Cuddles)

  • the relief that no one forgot your birthday when you are a child in a shelter for domestic survivors
    (Birthday in a Box)

  • how happy furry creatures in an animal shelter are when they receive treats and a blanket to curl up on
    (Adopt a Pet)